Friday, February 26, 2010

"We are Friends Again. ..."

At the age of my first graders (6-7), I often hear, "He(She's) not my friend anymore." They can be mad one minute and then best friends the next. Well, one day this week, I had two boys that were "fighting." Awhile after, one of the boys raised his hand and said, "We are friends again. Everything is all right." He was happy about that! The other boy said, "I forgave him and he forgave me." They "fixed" their friendship. I thought this was so sweet, and it is such a reminder on the simplicity of friendship and how special and important friendships are. I've been reminded of that a lot lately. So, this story just touched me and somewhat encouraged me. It really was a blessing and a rebuke to me. I thought the sweet words that came "Out of the Mouth of Babes" should be shared.

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