Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Child's Thankful Heart

Every day during Bible class, we have prayer time. I have three students come to the front. They each give a request, then I switch them up, so each child will pray for another child's request. Then, I end in prayer. I'm trying to teach them to thank God for something He has given them. Well, one day this week, one of my children were praying. She thanked God for the air and trees. She also thanked God for her family and her teacher (me!). But, I was just touched that she would think about thanking God for air and the trees. Remember, she is six! It was a blessing to hear. I just wanted to share with you all what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

Hair Cut Done By a Child

A few weeks ago I had a situation at school that happened with a couple of my boys. I was talking to them and trying to get the whole story and just dealing with the situation. As I was talking to the boys, I had a first happen! One of my girls took out her scissors and decided to give herself a hair cut. She cut her hair! I've heard that happen before; however, in the past eight years of teaching, I have not had that happen in my class before. So, it was a first! This class is giving me a lot of firsts. We are having fun (or at least their teacher is!). They do make me laugh at the things they do and say. They are quite eventful! I wanted to share with you what a "babe" did.

"I Guess (child's name) Wants to Hold All the Girls Hands"

It has been rainy here the last couple of days. So when it is rainy, we have rainy day recess at school. I try to use a variety of games for my kids to play. Well, on Thursday, we played my version of "hot potato." I have the kids first stand in a circle and hold hands. I do this to help them form a circle. Then, they sit down. I put music in, usually a Patch the Pirate music cd. The kids have to pass this stuff animal around the circle. When the music stops, whoever has the stuffed animal is out! They loved this game!!! They laughed almost constantly. They thought it was funny when someone got out.
On one of the turns to start a new game, the kids were getting in a circle and held hands to help form a circle. Well, there were three kids standing beside each other. One little girl reached around another girl to grab a little boy's hand, and the boy moved beside her and just smiled and held her hand. I looked at the boy (he's also the son of a good friend of mine), and I just smiled and looked at him. He looked at me and said, "What?" I guess he was wondering why I was staring at him. You see, I remember holding him when he was like a day old. So, it was funny and weird for me to see him act like this.
Well, the kids played that round of the game. It was time for another round to start. The same boy went around and looked (almost searched) and then held hands with another girl. I again just looked at him in surprise. The new girl he was holding hands with said, "I guess (child's name) wants to hold all the girls hands." (I don't use the names of my kids in the blog that is why I just used "child's name.") It was hilarious!!! I had to laugh and so did my kids. It was precious! I had to share with you on what a "babe" did and what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

"No, it's mine"

This week, on Thursday, I kept hearing a noise during class. It wasn't an annoying noise, but I just couldn't figure out what it was. That was what the annoying part to me was. I finally asked my kids if they heard the noise. I wanted to make sure Miss Pregony wasn't going crazy!! Praise the Lord I'm not; they heard the noise, too. :-) I even checked my cell phone to make sure it wasn't my phone, even though I'm usually pretty good at turning the sound off. Well, it wasn't my phone. I thought maybe it was a noise that was coming from outside by the trees. Maybe a child lost a toy at AWANAS the night before and that was making the noise. I even asked my kids if they had a toy in their pocket or something. They didn't! So, the mystery noise still existed!
Well, after lunch, I asked the second grade teacher if she had heard noise during the day, again thinking maybe it was coming from outside. Well, after lunch and restroom break, we went back to class to have an arithmetic test. I still heard the noise! So, after the test before I did the oral part of the test, I told the kids I was going to check book bags to see if anyone had a toy that was making the noise. So, I checked the book bags. One of the first ones I looked in had a cell phone in it. I told her that she had her mom's cell phone. She said, "No, it's mine." I was like "What? You have a cell phone when you are six?" She said, "I'm five." Oh my, I have a five year old that has a cell phone. I had to have her show me how to "unlock" her phone, and I realized she had a voicemail from her grandma. That's why the phone was making the noise. Of course, I turned the phone off. But, I thought it was quite interesting and definitely eventful!! To be honest, it was funny, too. I had to share my eventful first grade experience (which was a first for me!-- a five year old having a cell phone) that a "babe" did and what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."