Sunday, March 22, 2009

Letters to the Teacher

For first grade, I have a curriculum I follow. My kids have seatwork to do while I am in reading groups. My curriculum tells me what to put up on the board for the children to do. One day this week, my kids had to write a letter to their teacher.... that's me! They were sweet! I wanted to post some.

I am typing them the way they wrote them. Good luck on deciphering them. If you need help in translation, post a comment and I'll help you :-)

One said, "you are my cutedpie! I love you are the knisest teacher!I have ervey met! Love you!" This child has called me "cutie pie" several times. She is also the same girl that told me I was her BFF-- posted in a previous post.

Another note said, "I love you. you are sweet and you are pretty to me. your games are beautiful. you are my nice teacher. your canddy is goo to me." She wrote this note at school to me. I think that night she wrote another one to me and gave it to me the next morning with a ziplock bag of the cereal Apple Jacks. Here is the other one she wrote. "I love you. you are pretty. your my best teacher. you are nice to me and I like it win we play." How sweet my kids are!

One last note I wanted to share. "I love you and I I'm sure you love me too. you are my bff! you aer a good teacher.too. theys a haet around us. you like pekey I like pekey." I will "translate" this one; this one is harder to follow. She said there's a heart around us. I asked about that. You know how you can get picture frames with hearts. Well, there is a heart around us because she loves me... too cute! The last part, the "pekey" is pink. She said, "you like pink I like pink." That's true.... I love pink!

Even though being a teacher can have some hard times, it is such encouraging when you get hugs, coloring pictures and encouraging notes like these. I love my kids! I am so thankful to God for calling me to be a teacher! I wanted to share with you what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

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