Monday, April 13, 2009

"...I named her Pregony"

In first grade, I have the opportunity to teach my children to write stories. This can be a hard task. Some of them get the concept. Others.... well, it can be challenging. The story our class is now working on is about butterflies. I want to write one of the stories that one of my students wrote. Here goes:
"The beautiful butterfly laid her eggs and flew away. I see a butterfly and I named her Pregony and I took care of Pregony when she was a baby caterpillar. She liked me and ate a lot of leaves, and she was cute too."
I thought that was cute. She named the butterfly after me. This is the same child that has been mentioned in previous posts that has called me "cutie pie" and her "BFF." I thought this was sweet and had to share what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

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