Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Jesus Loves the Little Children"

Today, I had the opportunity to teach toddler jr. church. Before the lesson, we were singing some songs. One song I was going to have them sing was "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Before we sang that song, I asked the children (remember these kids are mostly 3 years old), "Who does Jesus love?" I was hoping for an answer like everybody or us, since we were going to sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Well, I called on a little boy who wanted to answer. He said, "Me!" I said, "Does He love anyone else?" He said, "No." I asked him again if God loved anyone else or just him. He said only him. How cute!
I then asked him if God loved me, Miss Pregony. He said, "No." Then this other little boy sitting next to me on my left said, "I love you." Then the boy sitting next to me on my right said, "I love you." Then this little girl (who I call my "mini me" because she looks just like me when I was her age!) said, "I love you." So, according to this boy, God does not love me but I have three little ones that do. I thought it was cute on what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes" today. I do have to close with saying, Praise the Lord that He does love me and not just me, but "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and not just children but adults, too. God is SO good!!

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