Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Keep It All Day If You Want To"

Yesterday at school we celebrated one of my little ones' birthday. His mom sent cupcakes and goody bags in for the kids. On the cupcakes were these little plastic rings (as decoration). Of course, the children put the rings on after they licked the icing off. I told them that was fine, but they had to make sure that they did not play with them during arithmetic class (which is after lunch time), or Miss Pregony would have to take the ring away. Well, during class, one of my boys was playing with his ring. I had to take it away; I had told them I would, so I had to. When I went to go take it away, at first he didn't want me to and moved the ring away from me. So, Miss Pregony gave him a nice "teacher look" then he gave it to me and said, " Keep it all day if you want to." I thought it was funny that he gave me permission to keep his ring all day. I did tell him that I would keep it all day, and I did. I just laughed at what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

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