Friday, December 11, 2009

"Do You Speak Whinese?"

This is probably one of my favorite blog stories of ALL time! It made me laugh VERY hard. I hope you will get a laugh from it, too. However, I do think it is funnier if you were there. :-)
In first grade, I teach my children Community Helpers. One of our community helpers is the Pastor. So, I asked a fellow teacher (and a friend of mine), who is also the Youth Pastor at my church, to come talk to my kids about what a pastor does and what he does specifically as youth pastor. He did a great job! At the end of what he was saying, he asked me if the kids could ask questions. I said, "Yes!" So, he asked the kids if they had any questions. Some of them had really good questions, for first graders.
Well, before I explain the funny part of the story, I need to preface it. I have a few kids in my class that whine. I've told them that I don't speak whinese, so they have to talk like big kids if they want me to answer them.
Now, during question time with the Youth Pastor, one of my girls asked him "Do you speak whinese?" The funny part is that she was being serious and not trying to be silly. This question came out of the blue. My class and I just busted out laughing. It was hilarious! I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even say anything to him to explain. Then the Youth Pastor said, "Is this an inside joke?" Again, we are STILL laughing. Finally, I was able to compose myself enough to explain. I think this is hilarious, and I hope you enjoyed this story on what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."





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