Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"I Haven't Been in a Country"

At the daycare this summer, we are "traveling" around the world. Each week we are "going" to a different country. It is going to be exciting! During the week, we do art projects and journal entries pertaining to the country we are "visiting."
Since this is our first week, we are getting ready for our travels. So today we made passports. Remember, I am working with children that just finished kindergarten and first grade, so I have to do a lot of explaining. I was trying to explain to them the reason why we have passports. I was explaining that they need passports when people go to different countries. I gave them names of countries and tried to explain the difference between states and countries. I told them that when people visit different countries they get stamps in their passports. Well, I had this one boy who just finished kindergarten that said in a very sad, whiny type voice, "I haven't been in a country." He sounded so sad; I thought he was going to cry. He then put his head on the table. Part of my heart almost "broke" for him; part of me was laughing because it was funny-- I was laughing! Then, I had a boy said, "You are in a country. You are in the U.S.A." He was right! We are in a country. It was very funny! I wanted to share what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

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