Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letters to the Teacher

My school curriculum has a section for seatwork. The children do seatwork while I am in reading groups. One of the items for them to do for seatwork was to write a letter to their teacher (that's me!). So, I wanted to share a few of them with you. I'm going to type them how they wrote it. Now, I'm "fluent" in first grade (regarding their spelling!). So, if you have any questions and don't know what they are saying, please feel free to leave me a comment and ask. I will translate! :-) Also, excuse the fact that there is not much punctuation. We are learning.
Here's the first one:
Miss Prgone My best fren you make me better wem I'm sad and I'm mad Miss Prgone you have teached me olot thank you Miss Prgone.
He did misspell my name, but that is o-kay. I was really touched by this one. This child who wrote this often gives me trouble. So, it was really encouraging to read this.
The next note:
Dear miss pregony. I think that you are a grate and you help us whin we nede help and you help us whin we are hurt thank you for that love........
She signed the note, but I do not put the names of my students on this blog. But, I thought this was sweet.
This is the last one I will share with you:
I love you ver. if God said you can be a teacher I wold lern from you. my best teacher. I wish I was apart of your famlyay your so nice to me. the best teacher. I thank you for teaching me to do the right thangs and teaching me about God I want to call you momy so bad but I cant. I love you very mush evry thang you did to me was nice I love it when you do it. thank you for doing in thank you very mush
How sweet is this! I about cried when she thanked me for teaching her about God. That's the main goal! I also was touched when she said that she wishes she could be in my family and call me mommy. WOW!
These letters to me are a blessing! I wanted to share with you on things that 'babes' wrote. Hopefully you enjoyed on what came from the pencil of my 'babes.'

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