Friday, March 5, 2010

"Shot by a Really Mean Person"

In first grade, I teach my students what a sentence is and how to write sentences. Well, we have moved up from writing sentences to writing stories. This week my kids wrote their first story!! Their story had to be about President Abraham Lincoln. This is a several day process. I first teach them what a title is. Then, I read some information to them about President Lincoln. Then, the students have to come up with titles for their story. Then, we take two days for them to write their stories. I gave them some basic information about President Lincoln like: where he was born, he didn't go to school, he was honest, he became a lawyer, and he was our 16th President. I also told them that he was assassinated (shot) by a bad person while President Lincoln was watching a play at a theater. I also told them he was one of two Presidents that have been assassinated. I told them that many years later President John F. Kennedy was also assassinated.
I've told my kids that I am the "editor." So, they write their stories, and I make corrections before they write it on a special piece of paper made for their Lincoln stories. Well, as I was "editing" the stories, one of them was just TOO funny!! The beginning of this girl's story was good and truthful. Towards the end she said that President Lincoln was shot while watching a play at a theater. He was shot by a really mean person. His name was John F. Kennedy. Oh, I busted out laughing and said, "No!" I didn't teach my kids that.... I promise! But, I thought it was SO funny. Don't worry, I fixed it on her paper and told her that he was shot by John Wilkes Booth.
I got a laugh from it and so did a few of my teacher friends. I thought you might get a laugh from what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

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