Sunday, March 7, 2010

Made Up Game

Last night, I was able to babysit for two of my favorite little men-- ages 8 and 6. Part of the night we watched Charlie Brown movies. That was neat; it has been FOREVER since I watched a Charlie Brown movie. After that, we played games. However, the games we played they made up. There was one game that I was amazed at. The 6 year old took a piece of paper and drew four circles- one in each corner. Then, he drew a bigger circle in the middle. He gave us pennies. We had to flick the penny to the middle circle without getting "bumped" by another penny. If we got "bumped" out, then you were out of the game and lost. Well, I lost! But, I thought it was such a neat and clever idea. I wanted to share what a "babe" did/came up with.

This is a picture of the game board. He called this game Penny Bingo.

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