Saturday, February 21, 2009

One of the Greatest Sounds in the World

To me, one of my favorite sounds to hear is the laughter of children. It is precious and sweet!- don't forget quite contagious.
Being a first grade teacher, I do hear that sound quite a bit. The past couple of weeks my first graders have been QUITE giggly. Their giggles make me laugh then the whole classroom is full of laughter. Again.... a great sound!
One moment that happened this week which resulted in one of my favorite sounds was when I was teaching my kids about elephants. I was specifically teaching them the uses of the elephant's trunk. The elephant uses their trunk in several ways. They use it to pick up food, pick up trees, smell, and to give themselves showers. The part the children LOVED and LAUGHED a lot at was that the mother elephant uses her trunk to spank the baby elephants. The kids thought that was hilarious! I then asked them if their moms use their noses to spank them. Of course they don't, but the kids thought that was funny! So, we had such a fun time laughing together.
Another laughing moment was when I had four kids in one of my reading groups. That afternoon we were reviewing special sounds in phonics and reading words that contained certain special sounds. One of the words that the children read was "chowder." No, that is not a funny word. But, I guess, their is a children's show called Chowder. I had no clue. So, the children were laughing because they were trying to explain this show to me. I told them I would try to watch it sometime; they laughed even harder at that.
I wanted to share with you the One of the Greatest Sounds in the World that comes "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

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