Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Here comes the bride"

Recess time lately is full of so much laughter, not just the laughter of my children but my own laughter. They make me laugh SO hard! My kids are hilarious! I have told some of my friends, some of you that read this blog, my kids are a blast! I wish you all could meet them. They are just so much fun. They do the funniest things.
The other day, the boys were running to the swings singing "Here comes the bride"(which is weird they were singing that song anyway) and falling off the swings. I don't know why they were doing that. I don't know what the purpose of that was. But, it really was funny! The way they were falling was just so funny because they were rolling over the mulch. They, themselves, were laughing so hard. Some of the stuff they do really is nonsense, but it is funny. They enjoy doing it. I, truly enjoy watching them having fun! It is a pleasure to be their teacher and laughing with them and their craziness. I enjoy watching the craziness my "babes" do.

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