Friday, May 1, 2009


This past Wednesday afternoon I had a great blessing happen in my classroom. I wanted to share it with you all that read my blog. I hope and pray that it may be a blessing to you as it was a blessing to me and those to whom I have already shared it with. Remember, I have the privilege to teach at a Christian school.
I took my children outside for recess in the afternoon, on Wednesday. Two of my little girls were on the swings swinging. One little girl said to the other, "We're sisters." The other one said, "No, we're not." The first one said, "Yes, we are." The second one said, "No we aren't." This went back and forth. Then the second little girl finally said, "We can be if you are saved. We can be sisters in Christ." The first girl then said, "I'm not saved. I'm almost saved." The second girl said, "You can't be almost saved. You have to be saved." Then the second girl called me over. I was already close by "listening" anyway. I talked to the first girl, and she told me she almost got saved at church once. I told her that she can't almost get saved, but she needed to get saved. She told me that she didn't know how to get saved. I then told her that I could show her how to get saved if she wanted me to and if she asked me to.
Well, after recess when we got upstairs to the classroom, she told me she wanted to get saved! I had the honor and privilege to lead this little girl to the Lord! I count it a true honor to open God's Word and share it with her and present the plan of salvation to her. It is always so humbling to me to be used of God in a way such as this. But what really got to me on this day more than any other day I have ever led a child to Christ, was that on this day the Lord used another six year old. If my other student did not say what she said about being sisters in Christ, I might not have had the opportunity to lead this little girl to the Lord. I am so proud of my student for saying what she said about being sisters in Christ! God used her! God used a six year old. How awesome is that! It is amazing to me how God used what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."


  1. How absolutely thrilling!!!

    From YOUR "sister," Nancy ;)

  2. Our God is an awesome God! This little girl planted a seed and God let you reap the harvest. What a beautiful story!

    All My Love,
    Aunt Sissy


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