Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"We found treasure!"

At recess today while I was watching my kids, two of my boys came running to me saying, "We found treasure!" They came and gave me their "treasure." Their "treasure" was a broken zipper. I took it and thanked them for it and put it in my pocket, and they went off for more "treasure" hunting. Soon, they came back. "We found more treasure!" This "treasure" was a pen cap. Again, I took this "treasure." The boys were so excited! Again for the third time, they were off! Soon, they returned. This time they brought another "treasure." One boy said,"It's a sticker." I said, "No, it's a band aid. Gross! That's not a treasure!" However, they still liked that "treasure." It was neat and funny to see what my little boys enjoyed seeking and finding as their "treasure." It is funny to watch what "babes" do. It made me laugh!

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