Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Own Little Language

I "speak" a lot with my facial expressions. One thing I do often is, I wink. I remember being in kindergarten, my principal would wink at me. I would wink right back at him. I credit him for teaching me to wink. That is probably why I wink a lot to my kids. One day this past week, one of my reading groups decided we were just going to wink. One girl, bless her heart, cannot wink. It is hilarious! In order for her to wink, she has to hold the non-winking eye down with her hand. One child, when she winks, her whole nose scrunches up. It is too cute! We had fun watching each other wink. I know this sounds silly, but it was fun! We have a good time together- winking and all! It is just funny to see them wink back at me when I wink at them. It is our own little language. I enjoy it and wanted to share something that "babes" and teacher do.

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