Thursday, May 28, 2009

"You look like a Queen!"

In my class this year, I have 10 girls and 5 boys. Most of my girls are "girly." Their teacher, me, is also very "girly." One of my reading groups has five girls in it and one boy. The five girls in that group are very "girly." If we aren't careful, we end up talking about jewelry, clothes, and other things, at times, after we read. This year, my class knows that my older brother is getting married. He is actually getting married in a week. My kids, especially my "girly girls", ask me questions. You know girls, they love weddings. I think it is funny how even when girls are so young, they are so interested in weddings. Well, they know I'm a bridesmaid, so they ask questions about my dress and shoes and all the stuff concerning the wedding. Well, today, I brought my camera in and showed them a picture of myself with my hair done, make up done, and bridesmaid dress on, and shoes on for the wedding. I was trying things on and "practicing" with my hair and makeup. Well, I was showing my girls the picture, and my one boy in the reading group looked at the picture and said, "You look like a Queen!"
I thought that was SO sweet! I laughed at it, too, though because I was shocked. But, I thought that was one of the sweetest things I've heard. If he keeps being sweet, he will make one girl very happy one day! I loved what came "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

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