Saturday, May 9, 2009

Robot Spelling

As part of my phonics curriculum for first grade, we have spelling lists. We spend about the last five or so minutes of phonics class each day going over our spelling list for the week. Usually, we first use the say, spell, say method. That is when we say the word, spell the word, then say it again. After we do that, then we often review the list in a fun way! Well, about a week ago while doing the say, spell, say method my silly kids decided to do their spelling words in a monotone kind of way, all of a sudden. I honestly do not know who started it. Now, they do not know the meaning of monotone. I don't know how it happend! They really sounded funny! To me, they sounded like robots. I usually do the words with them, but I had to stop because it was TOO funny! I started laughing. After they were done, I told them they sounded like robots. Now, they do it on purpose. Everytime we do our spelling words they always ask if they sound like robots. I told them I don't mind if they sound like robots as long as they do a good job. So, evidently I have a class full of "robots." So, that is what is coming "Out of the Mouth of Babes."

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