Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking a bite out of Mulch

This is an absolutely hilarious story! However, I must say, it is probably hilarious to me because I was there. I will try my best to explain why I think this is so funny. It is also the type of story I wish I had a camera, or better yet, a video camera to capture the moment.
It happened Wednesday afternoon at recess. Lately, my children have been obsessed with the swings. The past couple of days, my boys have tried this new thing with the swings. They would run a few feet from the swing and land on the swing on their stomachs. Yes, I allow them to do this! I feel like this is harmless. Under the swings, is a nice padding of mulch. So, the kids are really safe. The boys have a blast doing this!
Well, today one of my boys was doing this. I was watching him. He was having fun. He was away from the swing. He ran to the swing to land on it. Instead of landing on it, he missed it! He jumped right over it! He landed on his belly! His mouth must have been opened! When he got up, he had mulch/dirt over his face, mouth, shirt and pants. I went over to him to make sure that he was alright. I was hoping he didn't get hurt. When I found he was o-kay, I had to laugh. It really was funny! A funny part was, he had mulch on his teeth, and he was trying to spit it out of his mouth. When I said he was covered, he was covered! I have heard taking a bite out of crime before, but I have never heard taking a bite out of mulch! :-) Well, I had to share this story about what one of my "babes" did. Yes, he is o-kay! I did check that out first, before I started laughing!

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